Manufacture of API

  • The rapid pace of innovation in small molecule development today calls for an equally dynamic approach to API manufacturing. With a visionary approach as a leading small molecule API manufacturer, we combine our team’s scientific and engineering expertise with close collaboration to establish G N PAL SPECIALITY MOLECULES LLP. In the world of API, industry to contribute to the Vision of Country’s self-dependency and create a reliable source to thrive in the complex challenges of the manufacturing process, maintain a secure supply chain and transparency through every stage of API manufacturing, and uphold the exceptional quality compliance for end-user/manufacturer.

  • With confidence that our flexible and tailored approach to API manufacturing enables us to support even the most specialized and complex project requirements. Our upcoming innovative facility in the Uttarakhand at Sitarganj Sidcul is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to support around 27, KSM, DI, and APIs.

  • Core to our API manufacturing capabilities is our dynamic facilities, which are well-equipped laboratory, Pilot plant, manufacturing unit with technically advanced material handling equipment, and stores.

Our comprehensive facilities for API manufacture feature

  • Small scale cGMP hydrogenation types of equipment for labs and Pilot plant.

  • cGMP kilo laboratory facilities for clinical and commercial API batches.

  • High potency capability for batch size.

  • Broad range of intermediate and API trains from potentially smaller to higher scale batches.

  • Range of pressure filters, centrifuges, and filter driers

  • USP purified water system

  • High-temperature capability (+200°C)

  • Range of milling facilities for sizing up the crystals in a cleanroom environment
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